Detox + Calm Bath Salt
Detox + Calm Bath Salt
Detox + Calm Bath Salt

Detox + Calm Bath Salt

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Description of Detox + Calm Bath Salt

Scented with essential oils and infused with dried botanicals, these well-crafted soaks create a luxurious bath to help detoxify your body, calm your mind, and restore inner balance. 

The salts and powders will dissolve in the bathwater. However, plant materials, such as dried flowers and leaves, don’t not. To protect your drains from clogging, I recommend putting a fine mesh drain cover over the plughole when you empty the tub to catch them.


  • Store your homemade bath salts in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that the bath salt containers are tightly closed. Even a little moisture can result in a soggy, moldy product.
  • A cupboard or closet is a good place to stow DIY bath salts.
  • Room temperature is okay.

Shelf life

If stored correctly, homemade bath shots can be stored almost indefinitely. Salt doesn’t really spoil, and dried florals are fine for years.

Essential oils will evaporate over time, which you can easily remedy by adding a few fresh drops.