About Us


A Sleep Company

Our mission is to help you get the rest you need, so you can live the life you want. Maybe you’re here because you’re tired of being tired every morning, and you know something has to change. An estimated 40 percent of Americans are sleep-deprived. Building our brand became a quest to solve this problem.

Our linen and sleepwear are made from organic bamboo fibers that create an irresistible sleep environment while elevating comfort and quality. We also know that scent and sound play integral roles to the senses and the body’s ability to relax. So, we continue to evolve our offerings, expanding to aromatherapy and herbal-infused products. We are also developing sound healing technologies and sleep apps.

It’s important for us to create a product that has a positive impact on your home and the environment. By turning to bamboo as a textile, which doesn’t require any pesticides to grow and can replenish in 5 years, we’re able to create sustainable products with a smaller footprint. We also avoid using plastics in our packaging as much as possible. Instead of causing waste from excess, our packaging is made from the same material as our sheet sets.

We have an excellent relationship with our manufacturer and we have extensive conversations with them about quality and environmental impact. Our bamboo is mechanically processed, which means we do not use harmful substances in our production. Our materials are STANDARD 150 by OEKO-TEX® and TUV-certified

Our customers say that our linen is cool, breathable and softer than 1500-count Egyptian cotton. This quality comfort is how we enhance sleep as a ritual, so you can find joy in sleep.

Health and wellbeing are woven into the fabric of our brand, and part of the story of our founder, Angela Hawkins. She conducted a diligent search for sleep solutions for her husband, a troubled sleeper with allergic skin.

Angela’s husband was constantly losing the nightly battle with sleep - suffering from tossing and turning, night sweats, and bloodshot eyes in the morning. Everything from high-end mattresses to 1,000-count sheets did not solve the problem.

Our linen is naturally pest-resistant, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating. Sleeping on this material led to an immediate improvement in Angela’s husband’s sleep.

No more stress from waking up tired. No more strain on your relationships because of poor sleep quality. Offering you our organic bamboo linen means we can step beyond comfort and help improve your quality of life.